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B2B Inventory Management

Example: Factory, Warehouse,

Location Amsterdam: Logs in, views orders, stock, requests new stock.

Location Paris: Logs in, receives stock orders, packs, sends orders.

B2C Order Process Automation

Example: Factory, E-Commerce

Employee: Adds customer details, order, sends order for approval.

Customer: Receives order, confirms/declines order.

Manager: Processes approved orders.

Book a Room/Spot app

Example: Community, work

Member/Employee: With QR or online you book a room , spot, resource.

Manager/Admin: Manages users, bookings, resources, invoices.

Order a Product app

Example: Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen

Member/Employee: With QR or online you order a product, pays order, views invoices.

Manager/Admin: Manages orders, resources, products, product stock, invoices.

Contact available employees

Example: Health Care Industry

Planner: Overview of available employees, send work requests to specific groups and/or departments.
Employee: Replies to availability per received work request, view planning for accepted work requests.

Manager/Admin: Imports available employee data, manages users.

Book a service app

Example: Pest Control Industry

Customer: Views appointments, contract info, requests pest issues.

Planner: Receives pest issue requests, plans employees to solve issue.

Employee: Executes order to solve issue, documents details (photo’s/hours) on location.

Manager/Admin: Manages users, views rapportages.

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